Nepal Bible Society

Our Story

Nepal Bible Society (NBS) is an interconfessional Christian Non-Government Organisation (NGO), which, although started on 01 November 1975 (2032/07/15), could be registered with the government of Nepal only on 21 March 2007 (2063/12/07). NBS is an authorized organization to translate, publish and distribute Bibles throughout Nepal & Global. The major functions of the NBS is translation, publication & distribution Bibles and Bible related materials to make them available in different languages, formats and sizes to meet people’s Scripture needs. It is also a service oriented organization. NBS is a Member of the United Bible Societies (UBS), A World Fellowship of Bible Societies. 

Mission Statement

To make the Word of God available and accessible to the people of Nepal and diaspora at a price they can afford, in a format they appreciate and in a language they understand, so they believe in the Triune Living God.

What we do


Translation, Publication, Distribution, Engagement

Bible translation is our major task. The process of translating Bible into a new language involves a team of scholars and experts who work to accurately and faithfully to bear the meaning and intent of the original text. The first step in the translation process is to determine which version of the Bible will be used as the source text. The most commonly used source text for modern translations is the Textus Receptus, which is a Greek text of the New Testament, or the Masoretic Text, which is a Hebrew text of the Old Testament. The process of translation is not without its challenges. Translators have to consider the cultural, historical and linguistic context of the text and the target language. This can cause difficulties in finding words and phrases that are equivalent in meaning and acceptable to the target audience.

In addition to traditional print translations, there are also digital and audio versions of the Bible available, which can help to make the text more accessible to people who may have difficulty reading traditional print materials. 

Our Vision

Transformation of Nepal through the Word of God